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ANTEDIS focuses on training and innovation

On two sunny days in mid-March ANTEDIS organized training sessions on the themes of "Sowing" and "The Lifecycle of Trial" for around sixty technicians and experimenters.
This training was an opportunity to review or discover, for our new recruits, the Classical and Monograine planters.
It was also the opportunity to present our new "ANTESEM" system which will allow us to :
- Reduce the size of our aisles, thus increasing the plot area, in order to gain quality in the evaluation of your varieties.
- Improve the efficiency of our randomization system through the use of QRcodes (or barcodes)
 - Manage the triggering at the time of sowing via the recognition of QRcodes which should help avoid sowing errors;

It was a great opportunity for all the experimenters to network and harmonize their practices in the follow-up of their trials from the reservation of plots to the reporting of data. 

Also, there was the launch of our new application "ANTENOTE" intended for internal use for the follow-up of sowing/harvesting work and notations.

The next training meeting is scheduled for May on the themes "disease scoring" and "stages" in collaboration with GEVES.

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GEP certification extended to new crops and experiment stations

In 2021, the French Ministry of Agriculture extended our field crops GEP certification (Good Experimental Practices) to our new experiment facilities and stations and an increased number of crops: vines, vegetable crops, aromatic, medical and perfume plants and seed treatment according to the agricultural conditions in our areas of operation.

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Nicolas AUGIS joins ANTEDIS

After a first experience at Biogemma, Nicolas worked for more than 8 years, as an experimental engineer at Dow Agrosciences in the South-West. Since 2017, Nicolas was Director of the GEVES unit in Magneraud Technical Secretary for Tournesol, Soya and Manager of the Sunflower VCUS (Value for Cultivation, Use, and Sustainability) network.

Nicolas now brings to ANTEDIS his expertise and his knowledge of the Market on Maize, Sunflower, Sorghum and Soybeans. He will also be responsible for pursuing innovation at the heart of ANTEDIS 'strategy and in particular to develop digital phenotyping tools that have been under development at ANTEDIS (a prototype of which should see the light of day in 2022).

He will be based in Niort and will be in charge of the units on the west facade: experimental units at Acquigny (27), Pontivy (56) and Brux (86).

The appointment of Nicolas AUGIS is part of a strategy to consolidate the Seeds expertise of ANTEDIS. Driven by the continuous development of its activity, ANTEDIS wished to expand its team of operational directors.

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ANTEDIS is opening two new Experimentation Units

As part of its development, ANTEDIS is opening two new Experimentation Units:

  • in the Yonne department near Nitry UE89 (A6 exit 21)
  • in Haute-Garonne near Revel UE31

These two new Units will allow ANTEDIS to extend its territorial coverage both for its activities in varietal evaluation and for its activities in plant protection and nutrition.

Do not hesitate to let us know your requests in these agronomic regions.

Your usual contacts remain at your disposal: our fied experts.


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Dear Customer, Dear Partner

Because of the health situation linked to COVID 19, Antedis reorganized its activity and continue to carry out its activity in the field while preserving the safety of our employees

Also, our technicians will continue to set up and monitor your trials with the necessary rigor.

Product ans seed delivery is a priority and we must stay in contact in case there is a supply disruption.

We are at your disposal for further information.

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In 2016/2017, ANTEDIS experimented an innovative system for studying drought stress in winter wheat based on the positioning of two four-repeat trials in a single plot in homogeneous soil zones that differ by their level of water reserve:

- Top soil zone = with water stress

- Deep soil zone = no water stress

For the determination of the sites we have produced yield maps, soil characterization and soil resistivity mapping as well as the monitoring of the water balance and the humidity measured by capacitive probes on the plots.

Experimentation was repeated in two French major areas of winter wheat production, the Parisian Basin and the Center region.

The first observations are very conclusive. They show very contrasted soils situations which make it possible to demonstrate differences in behavior between the genotypes studied. The system has been very effective in determining good indicators of wheat behavior in response to drought stress.

Experimentation continues this year in the Center region.

For more information on our experiments in water stress, do not hesitate to contact our field experts.

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ANTEDIS strengthens its vine network and grows in Vegetable and Tree crops

ANTEDIS, a leading French company in agronomic experimentation, has recently acquired the NOVEX Company.

Located south of Perpignan in Thuir (66) known for Byrrh production, this GEP certified company is specialized in Plants Protection and Nutrition trials in vine.                                        

After Champagne, Burgundy, Charentes and Gers regions, the Rousillon region strengthens the ANTEDIS experimentation network in vine but also opens up new development prospects in Vegetable and Tree crops.

Indeed, the agriculture of Rousillon region is dominated by viticulture, tree crops (many peach, apricot and cherry orchards) and market gardening (including salads and artichokes).

The NOVEX Company was founded in 1995 by Mr Daniel Novoa, renowned expert in vine epidemiology, former adviser in the viticulture service of Pyrenees Orientales Chamber of Agriculture. Mr Daniel Novoa will support the transition and will be responsible for implementing vegetable and tree crops activities. To date, there are two very experienced specialized technicians: Laurent Novoa, son of Mr Daniel Novoa, and Didier Rigat. The recruitment of a vegetable growing specialized technician is ongoing.

In recent years, ANTEDIS has considerably reinforced its territorial grid through the opening of new experimentation units located in the main French regions representatives of the different soil and weather European conditions.

The experimentation unit of Thuir in Pyrenees Orientales therefore becomes the 14th experimentation unit and contributes to extend the ANTEDIS presence in south and to strengthen the vine, vegetable and tree crops activities.

Today, ANTEDIS is active in Auvergne, Beauce, Burgundy, Brittany, Centre, Champagne, Charentes, Ile-de-France, Lorraine, Midi-Pyrenees, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Normandy, Picardy and Roussillon.

Services news

QUANTUM : the new plot combine

As such, the special partnership we have with WINTERSTEIGER, allows us to be today the only French experimenter to have the new benchmark in field research equipment the “QUANTUM”.

The Quantum is the new plot combine in the mid-range performance segment developed by WINTERSTEIGER to meet the increasingly demanding challenges of state-of-the-art field research, from nursery to yield trial plots.

Featuring a modular design, the Quantum comes with many innovative solutions, such as the patented airfoil separator for fast and gentle seed transport. The combine sets new benchmarks in terms of throughput, user-friendliness and seed handling, all to your benefit. Revolutionary seed logistics ensure flexible, representative and high-performance sample taking Patented seed separator guarantees fast and gentle seed transport More than 600 liters of space for individual storage of samples or bags

Compact and highly maneuverable machine also perfectly suited for harvesting center plots

In 20 years, ANTEDIS became the benchmark experimental trials varietal evaluation and protection & plant nutrition

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Renewal of our Research tax credit accreditation 2021-2025

Research Tax Credit

ANTEDIS has a Research Tax Credit accreditation, a very effective system specific to France for fostering innovation. This means that the services provided by our company can be considered as research costs eligible for tax deduction.