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Environmental issues, sustainability and quality are occupying an increasingly important place in agriculture. It is for this reason that ANTEDIS, thanks to its experience and know-how in the agricultural sector, carries out a large number of agricultural trials & studies in this field of activity: long-term tests, fertilizer products' assessments and development of fertilization management practices. Always on the forefront of technological innovations in its field, ANTEDIS is equipped with precision machines for fertilizer applications.

Long-term trials

Multi-annual trials are used to test fertilizers, soil improvement and practices in precision or integrated farming. Our involvement in this area covers a large number of species, in particular for field vegetable crops.

Assessment of fertilizers

ANTEDIS represents ten years' experience in protein content improvement products. We also possess acknowledged expertise in the application of nitrogenated products, trace elements, industrially derived products and biologics. For this activity, ANTEDIS possesses a range of pneumatic micro-pellet equipment for micro-plots.

Development of fertilization management practices

ANTEDIS is frequently involved in the development of Crop Management tools and uses theses tools in all its experiments.

Full Service packages

For your Plant Nutrition Products field trials, ANTEDIS manages all operations, from sowing to harvest. Dedicated teams, distributed througout the country, are able to operate when necessary. They can also intervene outside the trial campain period to cover any specific requests.

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