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Through its expertise and its territorial coverage, ANTEDIS performs a Wide diversity of Protection and Nutrition of Plants trials in viticulture, arboriculture, and vegetables.


ANTEDIS has a network of trials in the major wine regions of France including Champagne -Ardennes, Burgundy, Poitou- Charentes and Midi-Pyrenees.



Many topics of study are covered such as fungicides trials on Botrytis, Downy Mildew, Black rot, etc. Insecticides, herbicides and foliar biostimulant trials ...

ANTEDIS has several sites for conducting your trials under misting with or without artificial contamination.


For example, ANTEDIS makes Experimentations on apple scab and foliar biostimulants in the Champagne region.



The opening of our new experimental unit in Normandy also allows us to be in this region to realize your experiments in Arboriculture.


ANTEDIS leads throughout France vegetables experiments such as:

  • Fungicide on melon, beans, flageolet, lettuce, carrot, pea canned spinach ... 
  • Acaricide on ruff ...
  • Insecticide on cabbage, endive, onion ...
  • Herbicide on Cabbage, Carrot…

Antédis conducts trials under misting irrigation with artificial contamination on themes like mildew on lettuce, mildew / botrytis on onions.

Your contacts

For all other questions or to request a quote, please contact our experts:

Jean-Charles CLOIX

Directeur opérationnel Protection et Nutrition des Plantes

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33 (0)6 28 80 84 84

Laurent RABOT

Directeur opérationnel Protection et nutrition des plantes

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33 (0)6 46 02 11 21


Directeur Opérationnel Protection et Nutrition des Plantes

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Directeur Opérationnel Adjoint Protection et Nutrition des Plantes

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