Your partner in agronomic experimentation

ANTEDIS now has more than 120 employees and 30 farmer-partners. Most employees come from an agricultural background and receive additional and specific training on a regular basis. ANTEDIS completes its wide geographical coverage of France through a network of correspondents and partners in France's major crop production areas. The company is characterized by light structural expenses, allowing quick adjustments to the constant changes in the market's requirements.




After initial agricultural training, Olivier MARCHAL now counts 25 years experience in cereal seed production. He joined the Pont Roy company in 1987, with mission to create a quality control service. He took over general management of the company in 1992 strengthening its strategic positioning in terms of quality and technical knowhow. He diversified his activities through: crop variety experimentation for breeders and production of flax, developing the concept of seed doses (EPIDOSE), setting up seed production for breeders / fundamentals (by breed line) and seeds for testing. In 2005, following a devastating fire, he rebuilt a modernised industrial tool. In 2009, Saaten Union Research entered the capital of the SAS Pont Roy. Olivier Marchal remains a minority shareholder and manager of operations. ANTEDIS shareholder since 2004, he took over the company's presidency from co-fonder Jean-Paul CLICHY in 2011.


Managing Director

With a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Institut Polytechnique Lasalle Beauvais, Baudoin FAVREAUX began his career as a farm management advisor then as Director of two agencies of a management center. He then worked several years as a consultant to a clientele of business leaders from the agricultural world to support them structurally, before taking over the General Management of a seed production company in the Center region. He also worked as a farmer. Baudoin joined ANTEDIS as Managing Director on 1st August 2018.

Anne-Charlotte MARCHAL

Financial and Human Ressources Director

Holding a Master's degree in Social Engineering and a bachelor's degree in Financial Management, Anne-Charlotte Marchal was Manager of an agricultural training organization then Director of a structure of the social economy of about thirty employees then, in charge of the coordination of a network of 13 structures of the solidarity economy. She joined ANTEDIS in 2011 as Financial and Human Resources Director.


Jean-Charles CLOIX

Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Holding a degree in crop protection, Jean Charles acquired 6 years of experience as an experimentation technician, and as an experiment station manager before joining Antédis in 2012 as a project manager with the responsibility of implementing the experiment unit in Saint Vérand (71). Jean-Charles is currently working at Antédis as Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director.


Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Holding a DUT in Agronomy, Hervé has more than 10 years of experience in agronomic experimentations on all crops and arboriculture. Manager of a GEP/GLP trials' program and technical manager of GEP experiments for agrochemical products and variety assessments, he also has been in charge of training GEP/GLP teams before joining ANTEDIS in 2015 as project manager based in Tours. Hervé is currently working at Antédis as Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Guillaume LIEVEAUX

Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Holding a certificate in plant technologies and protection, Guillaume acquired more than 10 years’ experience as an Experimentation Technician with the responsibility of setting up GEP and GLP trials on all types of crops (Arable crops, vegetables, arboriculture and Vine). Guillaume joined ANTEDIS in February 2017 as project manager. Now, Guillaume is managing director.

Laurent RABOT

Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

As Plant nutrition and protection operations director, Laurent spent most of his career in agronomic experimentation for all crops (potatoes, rape, maize, sunflower, vegetable crops, viticulture, arboriculture, flower crops), performing GEP trials and variety trials. He acquired almost 15 years of experience as an agricultural experiment station manager. Within this context, he managed a team to implement and keep track of GEP/GLP trials. He also participated in the coordination of a GEP/GLP national trials program. He was a member of the CEB commission. He joined ANTEDIS in 2014 and is currently based in Tours in Indre et Loire.


Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Ronan was an experimentation technician and then a station manager for almost 20 years near Perpignan. He has acquired excellent technical knowledge in vegetables, arboriculture and vines. He joined ANTEDIS in May 2024 and is based at our Thuir experimentation unit (66).


Junior Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Marion was Experimental Coordinator for 8 years at a research institute in Toulouse. She then worked in a technical institute where, for the past 2 years, she has been in charge of the experimental station in the Lauragais region, where she is originally from. Marion has her drone pilot's license, so she also strengthens our internal network of drone pilots. Marion joined ANTEDIS in April 2024 and she is based at our Experimental Unit in Saint-Felix-Lauragais (31).


Assistant to the Plant Protection and Nutrition Managing Director

Alain MONNET joins ANTEDIS in 2014 with 4 years of experience as a phytosanitary experiment technician, 8 years as a GEP regional manager, and 3 years as a seed-trials national manager. He is currently based in Puy de Dôme as an assistant to the plant nutrition's and protection's operations director.

Plant nutrition and protection managers


Project Manager

Pierre is an agricultural engineer from the Purpan engineering school. He has worked as an experimentation technician, then as a GEP trials program manager in Europe. Pierre has also worked as an agronomist advisor for the Chamber of Agriculture. He joined ANTEDIS in March 2024 as Project Manager in the South-West region.


Chef projet

Holder of a master's degree in agro-resource improvement and production, Mélanie has more than 7 years of experience as an experimentation technician and Project Manager, regional GEP (good experimental practices) coordinator.

Philippe NEGRINI

Project Manager

Trained as an engineer in Agriculture, Philippe NEGRINI has nearly 10 years of experience in agronomic experimentation, first as an Assistant Engineer in Experimentation, then development project manager and ending up as development project manager (research, approval) at internationally in a large agrochemical group. Philippe joined ANTEDIS in July 2018 as project manager in the South, in Beaupuy (32).


Project Manager

Holding a certificate in Plant Production, Audrey acquired more than 5 years’ experience as an Experimentation Technician and Project manager. She then worked more than 2 years in The French Directorate General for Food before becoming Director of GEP Phytosanitary Studies. Audrey joined the ANTEDIS team as Project manager in September 2017.

Arnaud PATAT

Fertilization Project Manager

Holding a BTSA in plant technology. Arnaud has joined ANTEDIS in 2002 where he worked as a phytosanitary products' experimentation technician. Arnaud is now Project Manager based in Jalons in Champagne (51).


Nicolas AUGIS

Operations Director of the Variety Assessment activity | Fieldwork reference contact for WEST area | Corn Maize, Sunflower, Sorghum, Winter Protein crops...

Nicolas AUGIS was recruited by ANTEDIS in April 2021 as Operational Director of Varietal Experimentation, mainly in charge of Corn, Sunflower, Sorghum and Soybean. After a first experience at Biogemma, Nicolas worked for more than 8 years, as an experimental engineer at Dow Agrosciences in the South-West. Since 2017, Nicolas was Director of the GEVES unit in Magneraud Technical Secretary for Tournesol, Soya and Manager of the Sunflower VCUS (Value for Cultivation, Use, and Sustainability) network. Nicolas now brings to ANTEDIS his expertise and his knowledge of the Market on Maize, Sunflower, Sorghum and Soybeans. He is based in Niort and is in charge of the units on the west facade: experimental units at Acquigny (27), Pontivy (56) and Brux (86).

Thierry LOGIE

Operations Director of the Variety Assessment activity | Fieldwork reference contact for SOUTHERN area | Winter Cereal crops, Corn Maize, Sunflower, Sorghum, Winter Protein crops...

Specialist in crop growing, Thierry LOGIE joined ANTEDIS after the take over of CULTIVANCE where he had spent over 17 years, primarily in charge of seed testing. He is now in charge of sowing and harvesting services as well as evaluation and testing of varieties for Southern France. He is also in charge of the Levroux station.


Operations Director of the Variety Assessment activity | Fieldwork reference contact for NORTHERN area | Rape, spring Cereal Crops, spring Protein Crops...

After working for 15 years as a notoriuous plant breeder, Pascal VASSORT, also caracterized by an agricultural background, joined ANTEDIS in 2007 to manage international relationships and the "variety assessment service"


Specific Services Operations Director (Sowing, Harvesting)

Patrice COURTIN is based at Jalons en Champagne where he is in charge of ANTEDIS equipment. In 2007, he also took over the management of the "Sowing & harvesting" activity. With a degree in plant production, he worked for 7 years as a breeding technician for the CAMBIER company.

Internal seeds assistants

Marie-Claude PLOQUIN

Assistant to the Seed Operations Director - SOUTH region

Currently working in Coings and holding a BTS in plants production, Marie-Claude joined ANTEDIS in 2008 during the acquisition of the CULTIVANCE company. She possesses a great experience as a plants selection and experimentation technician / assistant.


Assistant to the Seed Operations Director - NORTH region

After 3 years of apprenticeship within Antedis, Louis graduated as engineer in Agronomy from UniLasalle Beauvais and is hired as permanent in 2020. Trained by Luc Julliard, Louis succeeded him after his retirement in 2022. Based in Jalons experimentation unit in Champagne (51), he supervises together with Pascal Vassort varieties trials of the North and East areas.

External seeds assistants

Philippe-Louis AUCLERT

Assistant to the Operations Director - SOUTH region

Holding a Plants Technologies BTS and a Plants Technologies professional Bachelor, Philippe acquired experience as an Experimentation Technician since 2008 at Antedis. Currently working in Coings (36), he currently assists Patrice Courtin in managing the sowing and harvesting operations and also in managing the equipment fleet in the South zone.

Vincent BOEUF

Assistant to the Operations Director - NORTH region

Vincent joined ANTEDIS in February 2017 as an Experimentation Technician. Holder of a BTSA and a professional license in Plant Technologies, Vincent previously acquired 5 years of experience in conducting BPE trials. He is now Assistant to the Operations Director for the NORTH region.

Strong involvement in the profession

ANTEDIS is a member of :

  • ASF (Association des Sélectionneurs Français)
  • APSEA (Association des Sociétés Françaises Prestataires de service en Expérimentations Agronomiques).
  • AFMEX (Association Française pour la Mécanisation en Expérimentation Agronomique) dont M. Patrice COURTIN est le Président
  • UFS (Union Française des Semenciers)
  • VEGEPHYL (association pour la santé des végétaux) anciennement AFPP (Association Française de Protection des Plantes) 

The project manager

Nutrition and protection of plants operational directors are assisted by project managers. The project manager :

  • is in charge of the trials programs and ensure their proper monitring,
  • writes and/or validate protocols
  • manages how the trials are performed,
  • makes sure that experimentation technicians follow the proper BPE practices ,
  • is in charge of the data entry in ARM and Excel, he also writes trials reports.

The seeds assistant

  • The crop assessment operational directors are assisted on field by their assistant.

    The seeds assistants have the mission to help the operational Directors manage their trials in their geographic zone They manage the crop assessment stations with the help of the technicians teams.