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ANTEDIS holds the GEP certification (Good Experimental Practices) delivered by the French Ministry of Agriculture for conducting evaluation trials of plant protection products for registration purposes (assessment, tests, field trials).


The GEP certification enables ANTEDIS to carry out official agricultural experimentation studies of plant protection products for the pest control industry (product efficacy testing, resistance monitoring, plant yield and quality assessment, phytotoxicity, secondary effects).
The term Field Crops refers to testing studies (including the planting of seed treatment trials) conducted on cereals (wheat, barley, oat, triticale, rye), corn maize, sorghum, protein crops (peas, fava beans, lupine, soybeans), oilseeds (oil rapeseed, sunflower), potatoes and sugar beet.

The GEP certification guarantees full traceability of testing procedures (based on a set of procedures perfectly controled by our staff, from finding the adequate field trial site to writting the trial report) and thus allows the use of collected trial data for plant protection products' registrations applications.

Moreover, ANTEDIS gives you the possibility to use the ARM software (Agriculture Research Manager) for data recording.

GEP certification extended to new crops

The French Ministry of Agriculture extended our field crops GEP certification (Good Experimental Practices) to our new experiment facilities and stations and an increased number of crops: vines, vegetable crops, aromatic, medical and perfume plants, Seed Treatment, market gardening, arboriculture according to the agricultural conditions in our areas of operation.

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