Your partner in agronomic experimentation

Equipment performance and availability are key elements of our activity. It enables us to conduct high quality agronomic experiments and trials.

An ambitious and continuous investment program

Since the creation of the company, an important investment program has been implemented every year in order to renew and aquire efficient agricultural machines and experiment equipment (more than 50 machines have been purchased over the past 15 years).

As of today, our fleet of equipment is very large :
with 45 seed drils, 31 combine harvesters, and 28 tractors we are available throughout the country and ready to face the variabiliy of weather conditions.


In 2014, ANTEDIS invested 900,000 euros in logistics bases (opening of a new unit in Pontivy, enlargement of the main one in Jâlon), as well as new equipment for crop production and transport: 2 combine harvesters Winter Classic, 2 Kubota tractors, 2 PLOTSEEDS Winter seed drills, 1 semi-trailer truck, 2 spreaders, 2 residue destroyers, 1 sprayer and 5 trailers for machine transport.

Available at each experiment station

Each agricultural experimentation station is equiped with its own fleet of equipment (machines and trailer trucks). This allows local field and technical teams to be very reactive when they need to.

Engineered equipment

Beyond acquiring agricultural machinery for conducting high quality agricultural trials, our team of engineers also desgns and develops specific machines suitable to the specificity of our activities.

This precision fertilizer spreader for example has been designed by ANTEDIS to garantee a good spreading of the product on each plot. Or this croping machine for micro plots, also designed by our engineers.