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Evaluation Field Trials of Plant Protection Products

ANTEDIS conducts agricultural experiment of a large number of pesticides and agrochemicals, in particular Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Acaricides, Molluscicides, Nematicides, Additives, Fertilizers,  growth regulators and Seed treatment products in order to assess and evaluate products, programs or crop management practices.


Herbicides trials

Amongst the large number of plots that ANTEDIS has to offer for carrying out trials, a certain number have been specifically selected for the weeds that they comprise. Thus, our technicians can evaluate herbicides under natural infestation conditions in all of the regions where we are involved.

Furthermore, we also offer a weed sowing service. The experience of the ANTEDIS employees gives them a great expertise in this technique, which nevertheless remains tricky to implement.

The steps in weed sowing for product assessment are as follows:

  • Choice of weeds amoung a range of 154 available species and according to the agricultural experiment's objectives.
  • Soil preparation and sowing according to the species used.
  • Laying of a water and air permeable cover to increase the temperature and maintain humidity levels.
  • Irrigation.
  • Removal of the cover on emergence.
  • Testing, data analysis.

Fungicidal trials and studies

Products active against cryptogam diseases are generally tested in natural infestation conditions. The extension of our network of test sites allows us to study the sensitivity to the following diseases:

CerealsPotatoesRapeSugar BeetGreen beans
  • eyespot
  • powdery mildew
  • helminthosporiosis
  • rhyncosporiosis
  • septoriosis
  • brown rust
  • yellow rust
  • Ear fusariose
  • mildew
  • sclerotinia
  • altenaria
  • phoma
  • cercosporiosis
  • powdery mildew
  • ramularia
  • rust
  • anthractnosis
  • botrytis
  • rust

For fungicide studies and assessments on vine, we have a large network of trials in the main French production areas (Champagne, Burgundy, Sout-West , Central).

For the different diseases, we can also carry out artificial contaminations.

Finally, in the context of runoff tests, ANTEDIS implements accurate water supply management for your experimentation platforms. A large number of protocols can be defined according to the criteria to test: doses, phenologic stages, etc.

Pests and Insecticides studies

Bulb fly, woreworms

We have specific sites infested with wireworms.


Antedis carries out Molluscicidal trials, whether in natural conditions or in controlled conditions, with seedlings of salads, oil rapeseed, sunflower ... on all types of slugs (black, gray ...).

Antedis has recently carried out slug trials in cage under a greenhouse in order to test the behavior of the products in a controlled atmosphere (resistance of the product to degradation by water in simple or repeated application(s)) and to measure appetence differences between products.

In order to anticipate the needs of the market and to satisfy our customers-partners, ANTEDIS remains attentive to your projects in order to respond efficiently.

Hybridisation trials

Seed treatment studies

Seed treatment (application) is done using our SATEC equipement.

Furthermore, our seed drills and field crops planting equipments, enable us to carry out this type of agronomical experimentation on all species.

From Trial Planting to Harvesting

For your Agrochemicals Field Trials, ANTEDIS manages all operations, from sowing to harvest. Dedicated teams, distributed througout France (see our 14 experiment stations), are able to operate when necessary. They can also intervene outside the trial campain period to cover any specific requests.

Product registration studies

ANETDIS is GEP certified for handling agricultural products registration studies and trials. 

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