Your partner in agronomic experimentation

Partner for your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Your company is comitted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
Choosing Antédis as your partner for your agricultural experimentations brings added value regarding your social policy.

Social and Societal added value

100% of share capital held by employees

ANTEDIS is a small and medium-sized family firm where 100% of its capital is opened and owned by employees. The governance is a shared one.

"ANTEDIS is the result of the talents of its men and women. As shareholders of our company, we are committed to the success of the agricultural experimentations entrusted to us. Our organization relies on a participatory mode of governance that brings meaning to our work and promotes individual development."

A forefront wage policy

Since 2000, employees benefit from a profit-sharing policy. Moreover savings placed on the company saving plan are placed on socially responsible investment funds. After 5 years, it represents 10 months of savings.

We work with a housing fund which  provides aid to accession,s ubsidized loans and access to rental social housing. Financial housing assistance is also offered to apprentices.

Finally, employees benefit from a complete disability healthcare coverage.

There has been no or very few work accidents since 1995, day one of the company's existence.

Group cohesion and team training

With the constant objective of reinforcing the quality of our services, we organize an annual seminar with all employees amoung which a quarter are women (an exceptionnal rate in our industry). This is a unique opportunity to assess past year pratices and to propose improvements for the coming year. It is also a fun and relaxing time, very helpful to strengthen team cohesion.

Furthermore, in terms of training, additional voluntary contributions are incurred.

Added value in terms of Security

At ANTEDIS work practices carefully respect security norms.Also, individual Protection Equipments budget has been also multiplied by 30 in 4 years.
Finally, there has been no or very few work accidents since 1995, day one of the company's existence.

Added value in terms of local economic development

ANTEDIS has opened subsidiaries troughout the country, thus contributing to the local economic and employment development. For the implementation of our field trials, we partner with meny farmers who make available part of their land.

Added value in terms of social inclusion

ANTEDIS welcomes every year young trainees and interns. The age profile is young (34 years old) but ANTEDIS also hires seniors.

Environmental responsibility

ANTEDIS has a national contract for sorting and recycling of phytosanitary products waste management.

Research Tax Credit

ANTEDIS has a Research Tax Credit accreditation, a very effective system specific to France for fostering innovation. This means that the services provided by our company can be considered as research costs eligible for tax deduction.

ANTEDIS' corporate strategy is based on high quality services and its long term existence