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ANTEDIS for your Variety Trials in France

France's typology and climate require agronomic experiments to be performed in the major production basins in order to adequately assess the potential of the variety to be marketed. The extent of our network of farmers and partners enables us to provide breeders with solutions adapted to their requirements. In 2018, ANTEDIS successfully managed around 2000 variety trials, concerning more than 22 different species.

Major field trial sites

ANTEDIS is has field trials in the major production areas in France and performs line screening on all species.

Studied topics

Our complete range of specific drills for field experimentation in agriculture enables us to manage all types of sowing activities for field crops, vegetable crops and forage crops:

Available for a large number of crops

Our Variety Assessment Service is available for various field crops:

  • Oilseed Rape, Sunflower, Sorghum
  • Field Vegetable Crops
  • Peas, Soy
  • Grain and Forage corn maize
  • Straw Cereals: Soft Winter Wheat, Durum Winter Wheat, Winter Barley, Spring Barley, Oat, Triticale, Rye
  • Broad Beans, Lupin, Flax, Forage crops...

Complete Autonomy

For your Variety Assessments, ANTEDIS manages all operations, from sowing to harvest. Dedicated teams, distributed througout the country, are able to operate when necessary. They can also intervene outside the trial campain period to cover any specific requests.

Your contacts

For all other questions or to request a quote, please contact our experts:

Thierry LOGIE

Operations Director of the Variety Assessment activity | Fieldwork reference contact for SOUTHERN area | Winter Cereal crops, Corn Maize, Sunflower, Sorghum, Winter Protein crops...

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33 (0)6 27 25 79 33


Operations Director of the Variety Assessment activity | Fieldwork reference contact for NORTHERN area | Rape, spring Cereal Crops, spring Protein Crops...

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33 (0)6 82 27 89 21