Your partner in agronomic experimentation


ANTEDIS is equipped with a SATEC machine for on demand seed treatment and coating.


Cropping leads to clean micro-plot delimitation. In order to perform this main step, our team designed a specific equipment from a classical sprayer.


For field vegetable crops, cereals, sugar beet and corn maize, ANTEDIS' technical staff has designed a self-propelled precision fertilizer spreader. Fitted with a 2 to 3 meter boom and a turbine-driven strip cone feed device, it garantees an excellent spreading of the product on each plot.


Misting is carried out using ramps and micro-sprinklers.


For trials requiring precise water supply management (e.g.: runoff experiments), ANTEDIS can implement specific micro-plot programming.

Irrigation is performed water cannons, sprinklers (for phoma, sclerotinia, or phomopsis trials for instance), ramps and large sprinklers.


ANTEDIS has various spraying equipment:

  • Electrical compressor sprayers (PULVEXPERT) with a spreading width of 2 to 3 meters, used on all crops for fungicide, growth regulator, insecticide, herbicide, nitrogenous fertilization experiments, etc.
  • SOLO mist blower used on vines.
  • Equipment to create the trial aisles on all crops.
  • Quad bike equipped for applying slug repellent products on all crops.


ANTEDIS equipped 5 sowing machines with GPS technology for pathway’s staking and tracing of trials platforms.

We will be able to use this system for automatic triggering of seedlings in the near future.


In order to meet the increasing demand from our clients, we equipped 2 stations in France with weather stations with access to information from all stations of the national METEUS network and with independent mobile rain gauges. These stations are equipped with all available detectors:

- Anemometer (wind speed and direction);

- Silicon pyranometer sensor (global radiation measurement, determination of insolation and potential evapotranspiration);

- Combined Temperature-Humidity-Pressure sensor (air temperature, humidity under shelter and atmospheric pressure);

- Automatic rain gauge (quantity and intensity of precipitation);

- Wetting sensor (measurement of the duration of wetting of the vegetation cover);

- Temperature sensors (temperature under the ground and above the ground).


ANTEDIS has acquired an innovative spraying system (PULVEXPER) guaranteeing:

• Reduction in task difficulties

• Regularity of the dose on each micro-plot

• Quality of spraying on the plant

• Repeatability from one technician to another

• Application of all modalities under the same conditions of hygrometry and temperature ensuring the reliability of the results

• Little or no drift of product to eliminate guard rows

• Spray volume adaptable to the leaf area to be protected

• A single technician can take care of several trials

• Embarkation of all trial modalities

This material dedicated to vines can be adapted easily to the arboriculture (fruits trees) but also to all types of crops (potatoes, cereals ....) by addition of a ramp.