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History And Key Figures

Since 1995, the company has experienced increasing success in all of its sectors of activity, with a regular increase in the volume of trials, and increasingly numerous clients. The turnover has strongly increased since the creation of the company and it stands at over 8.15 M Euros in 2015.

Far from being a chance occurrence, this progression is the result of a strong strategy adapted to the demands of the market's professionals: large-scale equipment and maintenance investments, a flexible organization, competent personnel and, most importantly, in the field assistance.

Some landmarks


Creation of our mechanical workshop and training center, which welcomes our full-time teams of mechanical ans Sowing-Harvest experimenters. This workshop is also the storage location fot ANTEDIS mechanical parts.


Creation of two new experimental units, in Magny (89) and in Saint-Felx-Lauragais (31) for its activities in varietal evaluation and plant protection & Nutrition.


Creation of a vineyard - arboriculture and vegetables site in Toulouges attached to the unit of Thuir (66).


ANTEDIS strengthens its vine network and grows in Vegetable and Tree crops thanks to the acquisition of the NOVEX Company. This new experimentation unit is located in Thuir, in Roussillon.


Extension of our GEPs certificate for 2016-2020 to Seed treatments (arable crops) and our news experimentation units, and renewal of our GEP certificate for Vine, Arable crops, and Vegetables, aromatics, medicinal plants, condiments and perfume plants.

Renewal of our research tax credit agreement for 2016-2020.


Building of a new experimentation unit in Combronde, Auvergne (63).
The station at Bois Clair in Levroux (36), being too small, move to Coings after the buying of the Antedis company, with 2 buildings totalling a surface of 1650 m2 (direct access from the A20 motorway 12 sortie  ).
ANTEDIS has 60 collaborators et 17 correspondents.


GEP agreement extension for agronomic experimentation on field crops to the recent new experimentaion units and to new crops : vines, vegetable crops, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, fragrant plants.

The new experimentation unit of Pontivy in Bretagne reinforce our reach in the West, while our ranks are soaring. ANTEDIS now has 54 permanent employees.


Opening of 3 new stations in the South West (Beaupuy), Oise (Catillon) and Ile de France (St Martin des champs). Strong rise in numbers of our staff and significant rise of our sales .


New headquarters for ANTEDIS, and a new logistics base in Burgundy.


ANTEDIS ensures its long-term sustainability: read more


Record sales of 3.42 million euros, with continued and significant investments in both premises and agricultural equipment.

Opening of a new unit in Arras


Opening of a new unit in Arras


Research tax credit accreditation (CIR for Crédit d'impôt recherche) : more info about CIR (in french).
Aquisition of a new development site and extension of our building set in Jalons


Acquisition of the logistic base at Jalons, and extension of the buildings. ANTEDIS has also purchased the company owned by Jean Illiaquer and has thereby acquired a new activity for vegetable crops.


GEP sowing / harvesting and seed treatment accreditation.

ANTEDIS becomes a simplified joint stock company of which 100% of the capital is held by the employees, and extends some of its activities to Belgium.


Renewal of the equipment fleet and generalization of on-board weighing.


70 experimental tests performed in three regions: Champagne, Picardy and Beauce. Development of the sowing and harvesting activity.


Establishment of ANTEDIS by 4 experts in agricultural experiments. The Sowing and Harvesting of trials' activity is launched.



Our clients

  • Seed, plant protection and plant nutrition companies
  • Cooperatives
  • Traders
  • Technical institutes
  • Research and teaching centers
  • Ministry of agriculture
  • Chambers of agriculture
  • Farm machinery manufacturers
  • Agricultural schools
  • Agribusiness companies