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The agricultural world is changing. Agronomic experimentation is one of the driving forces of its dynamism, but requires significant human resources, both available and with a high level of expertise, as well as specific equipment. Furthermore, the volume of work varies from one year to another due to the different programs to be implemented. Field experiements, however, should be reinforced over the coming years, with increasing experimentation quality demands.

In order to help you anticipate this evolution, ANTEDIS offers you a complete range of agronomic experimentation services based on the professionalism of specialized and dedicated teams and the availability of high performance agronomic trials equipment. Our seed trials service for assessing your crop varieties, evaluation field trials and studies of crop protection productsplant nutrition products assesments and studies of biocontrol products all share the following steps:

  • the search for a suitable trial location
  • pegging
  • croping
  • product spraying
  • data collecting, harvesting and reporting.

Searching for a suitable trial site

ANTEDIS has a broad range of trial sites for conducting agricultural crop experiments.
Soil homogeneity is a key factor when selecting a trial site. Plots are selected by our technicians, or by our partner farmers, acknowledged for their reliability and availability. Thanks to the extent of our network of farmer-partners, we have a large range of trial fields which covers the various pedoclimatic conditions needed for your experiments, and this for a number of specific conditions: presence of weeds, specific diseases or agronomic properties and different soil types.

Plot Pegging

Pegging is an important step of our testing procedures. It determines the appearance of your experiment and must therefore be rigorously performed. ANTEDIS performs this pegging according to your experimentation plan, experimental constraints, location, block distribution, homogeneity of parasitism, soil type and seed-bed preparation.

Trial Sowing & Croping

Croping leads to clean micro-plot delimitation. It is performed using two different types of equipment:

Product application

Tested products are applied using an electrical compressor sprayer with a spreading width of 2 to 3 meters. A pneumatic equipment is used for grain fertilizers' applications.

Data collecting

Collecting field data is performed according to the method established by the AFPP's (French Plant Protection Association) biological testing commission.

Summarising the results

A complete report is handed out for each experiment. It contains the presentation and the details of the trials:

  • The trial protocol
  • The trial sequence, with the different steps
  • The trial's plan, including the farmer's details
  • The plot's agro-cultural properties and general management practices
  • The treatment timetable, with the conditions at the time of treatment and the levels of infestation, the stage, temperature, hygrometry, etc
  • Notations (analyses, tables, etc.)
  • Standardized yield and statistical analyses

Quality & Sustainability

With the constant objective of reinforcing the quality of our services, we organize an annual seminar with all employees amoung which a quarter are women (an exceptionnal rate in our industry). This is a unique opportunity to assess past year pratices and to propose improvements for the coming year. It is also a fun and relaxing time which strengthens team cohesion.

Rigor at every step of the process

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